Thames Water must come up with better solutions to stop flooding

Thames Water continue to pursue their 'Counter Creek' flood alleviation scheme.

The aim of the scheme is to protect approximately 1,700 basements mostly in North London from flood risk.

The scheme will cost approximately £250 million pounds (which water consumers will paying for on their water bills) and involves the construction of a giant underground pipe with a number of access points.

Whilst we support any sensible measures to protect properties from flooding, Avonmore and Brook Green Conservatives oppose this scheme. We believe this is not the right solution to the problem of flooding. It will have a negative impact on our community as three of the construction sites are in or near our ward on Talgarth Road, Maclise Road (Olympia Car Park), and in the car park of Tesco's on Brook Green. The traffic congestion caused by construction vehicles on our roads is a concern and the construction is due to last for three years.  

We will continue to urge Thames Water to look for alternative solutions.