Petition for CCTV between Baron's Court Road and Perham Road

Recently, we have seen a rise in burglaries, motor vehicle, moped and bike theft, as well as an increase in fly-tipping. Therefore, we are calling on Hammersmith & Fulham Council to install CCTV cameras on the roads between Baron’s Court Road, Palliser Road, Perham Road and North End Road following such requests by North End police.

We encourage you to sign this petition to make the council aware how important it is to keep our streets safe.

H&F Conservative Council Group Leader Cllr Joe Carlebach said:

"I was very saddened to learn of the attempted robbery of and attack on an innocent man outside The Curtains Up on Monday evening.

Thankfully, due to quick actions from local police and a passing doctor, the victim will fully recover. This further underlines the importance of installing CCTV.

As a local W14 resident, and leader of the Conservative Council Group, I will be championing this issue with the council on your behalf."