The number of non-decent council homes has MORE THAN DOUBLED under Labour

Official figures have shown that Labour are failing to maintain council housing. Last year the number of council homes which failed to meet minimum standards more than doubled from 422 to 1,095. That's nearly 10% of all Council housing in H&F.

Labour have let down residents by failing to invest in your homes. They have allowed 1,095 homes to fall below acceptable standards. Unlike Labour we will properly invest in your homes.

Our plan includes:

  • Creating a proper maintenance programme, ensuring repairs are carried out quickly and easily. 
  • Installing new lifts to improve accessibility in blocks over 5 stories.
  • Upgrading old bathrooms and kitchens so your homes are kept to a high modern standard.
  • Expand the CCTV network across council estates.
  • Working with residents to improve our green spaces, adding facilities such as open-air gyms and play areas.

Labour have wasted huge sums of money on sham consultations and Council staff. Last year, H&F Labour's CEO was the highest paid Council officer in London on £309,712. This money should have been spent on improving your home.

Nationally the Conservatives have helped Council tenants by reducing rent by 1% this year. You deserve a local Council that invests in your home.