Fulham Broadway Conservatives: Residents deserve more from Chelsea FC development

Labour has approved Chelsea Football Club’s (CFC) application to increase its capacity by nearly 45% to 60,000.  We are delighted that CFC has decided to remain in Fulham. However, the new stadium represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to re-develop the site so it can provide better access for fans whilst making improvements to our area.  

Labour has not secured a good deal for residents and has under-estimated the impact the 60,000 seater stadium will have on our local area. We are concerned about:  

  • Increased pressure on the local transport network: Council planners acknowledge the increased number of fans will place huge pressure on the District line. Labour’s solution is to encourage fans to walk from Earl’s Court through Fulham Broadway to the new ground. We think this policy will bring noise, nuisance and anti-social behaviour to many of our residential streets.  Instead, we believe a dedicated overground station, open on matchdays, should be built at Stamford Bridge.
  • Not enough money for affordable housing: Labour has agreed to demolish 38 homes but has only secured £3.75 million for replacement homes. This is less than £100k per home demolished.
  • Increased pressure on local Police: An additional 18,400 fans will put even more pressure on our local Police.
  • Impact on air quality: The Labour Council admit the development will increase CO2 emissions above recommended levels and that local air quality will be affected.

The scheme still needs to be approved by the Mayor of London. Please email us your thoughts as we lobby for the scheme to bring more tangible benefits to Fulham.