Fulham Broadway Conservatives: Meeting the social care challenge

Did you know that the vast majority of money raised through Council Tax is spent on adult social care? Ensuring residents have the right package of care when they leave hospital is very important. When this goes wrong, not only do residents suffer, they are also more likely to have to be re-hospitalised.  As well as being stressful and unnecessary, this also places unwanted additional pressure on our NHS.

When the Conservatives ran the Council we worked collaboratively - known as tri-borough - with Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster Councils. Residents tend to use healthcare facilities across all three boroughs, such as those who are treated in Chelsea & Westminster hospital but live in Fulham. The tri-borough arrangement produced a unified adult social care team across the three areas resulting in higher quality of care for residents.

Disappointingly Labour scrapped this scheme when they took control of the Council. This  has added to management costs and is delivering poorer care.