Fulham Broadway Conservatives: Labour's empty homes scandal

Thanks to the support of hundreds of local residents we are delighted to report that Labour has finally agreed to tackle the scandal of the empty homes at Edith Summerskill House. The 17 storey tower block has been vacant since Labour took control of the Council in 2014. Last summer we launched a petition calling on them to re-develop the site and build genuinely affordable homes.

The Council has finally submitted an application to demolish the building and is consulting on what should replace the tower.   We are, however, concerned that local residents, who will suffer the most from the works, will not get the benefits.

Conservatives believe that the new affordable homes should first be offered to people living in the immediate area, including those in existing Council properties.  It is only right that local residents, who will suffer increased noise, dust and other inconveniences due to the building work at Edith Summerskill House, should receive some of the benefits by getting first priority to apply for the new affordable homes.