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H&F Labour greed blocks 6,600 homes from getting superfast broadband

At a meeting of Hammersmith & Fulham Council’s Finance and Delivery Policy and Accountability Committee this week, it was revealed 6,600 local homes are unable to get superfast broadband, because the greedy Council are blocking BT Openreach from doing the necessary works by demanding higher t

We need real action on Olympia Traffic

Many residents have raised concerns about the traffic congestion in and around Olympia as a result of the increased show traffic since the closure of Earls Court last year.

Look out for new spring bulbs

Last year, while working with community groups to find spots to plant spring bulbs, Cllr ffiske contacted Transport for London (TfL) to explore planting along the Talgarth Road.

Protecting our streets from HGV Parking abuses

Avonmore and Brook Green ward has had a spate of incidents involving Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV's) using our residential streets as overnight parking lots.  This has resulted in increased littering, noise disturbance for residents, and occasionally HGV drivers using our green spaces, including gar