Labour’s Council Homes Sell Off

You might be aware of the Labour Council’s plan to abolish council housing and give all its homes away to a new ‘Community Gateway’ – another name for a housing association. But what does this really mean for you and your future?

There are some big changes you need to know about. Changes the Labour Council hasn’t been fully honest about.

Labour claim they are doing this to protect homes. But the truth is Labour intend to hand over homes to a new freeholder with no clear plan of what they will do with it or how they will fund it. The council actually admits the new landlord would have very little money, raising the prospect of further cuts or costs to you going up.

It is not just H&F Conservatives who oppose this. People of all political views agree.

If Labour’s sell off goes ahead, residents are likely to face:

  • Higher rent – housing associations in H&F charge higher rent and service charges
  • Less control over your landlord– As a council tenant, you have the power to vote out the Council every 4 years if you don’t like the way they run their housing services. You can’t do that with a housing association – even if it claims to be ‘resident led’.
  • Being less secure – your secure tenancy would be downgraded to a less secure ‘assured tenancy’
  • Your landlord being bought out – Mergers and takeovers of housing associations are common and could happen to the so called ‘resident led community gateway’ too.

If the sell off does happen and it turns out to be a disaster like many predict, there is no going back. Council housing would be abolished forever in H&F.