Help Keep Our Streets Clean

Hammersmith & Fulham's streets are getting dirtier under the Labour Council.

If the images above look familiar, it's because they were all taken in H&F and are examples of what is sadly becoming more and more typical.

Over the last three years, a growing number of residents have been contacting us about the falling standards in street cleaning and an increase in fly-tipping locally.

Official figures have now confirmed that this is the case. In the last year, there were 10,829 reported fly-tipping incidents in the borough, which represents a staggering 20% increase since 2014.

At the same time, we are seeing the Council take less enforcement action with the number of fixed penalty notices falling by 31%, compared with 2014.

Since Labour took control of the Council in 2014, they have changed priorities and do less monitoring of the quality of street cleaning.

Even worse, in an attempt to plug a gap in their books, the Labour Council tried to sneak through proposals to scrap weekly bin collections and move to fortnightly collections.  It was only due to opposition from Conservative Councillors and a backlash from residents that forced Labour to drop the idea... for now.

The results of these decisions are becoming increasingly difficult to hide.

YOU can help us make our streets cleaner.

If you know of a spot where there are regular fly-tips or where the standard of street cleaning simply isn't good enough, please let us know and we will get enforcement officers to monitor the area.

If we work together, we can help make our area just that little bit better.