Back Our Plan

We have spoken to tens of thousands of residents since the last council election. Going door to door, residents bring up the same concerns. But Labour doesn't listen.

There is much at stake at the elections in May. It matters who controls our council.

By voting Conservative on May 3rd you can deliver real change and force Labour to listen. If you don't then Labour will increase their control of the Council and our area will suffer. 

Back our Plan to make Hammersmith and Fulham a cleaner, greener, safer borough.


Official statistics have proved what many residents know already: crime is increasing in Hammersmith and Fulham. There has been a very concerning jump in the number of robberies, criminal damage, arson and shoplifting in our local area. H&F Labour refuse to acknowledge there is a problem. Since the Mayor took office two years ago, police numbers in our borough have fallen from 510 to 481. The Council needs to do more.

We will:

  • Expand our CCTV network and use more mobile surveillance.

  • Re-introduce performance targets for the Met which Labour abolished.

  • Use initiative policing like sting operations to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour. This helped to reduce thefts by 36% in one year under the previous Conservative administration.


Protect Charing Cross Hospital

We strongly support our NHS and fully back Charing Cross remaining open. We want Charing Cross to expand its A&E, retain its number of beds, and continue to provide the best healthcare possible.

We understand residents' concerns about the future of Charing Cross. There are no plans to downgrade or demolish our hospital. 

We are committed to ensuring that future generations receive the same excellent service from Charing Cross that we receive today. The best way to secure this is for everyone to come together to support our excellent hospital. 


Build More Affordable Homes

Only 306 affordable homes have been built under Labour since 2014. Last year, only 10 affordable homes were completed. We will build more affordable homes for all.

  • More social rented housing to protect the most vulnerable and tackle London’s rising homelessness.

  • More homes with discounted rents for the people who make H&F work: nurses, cleaners, social workers, police.

  • More shared ownership homes and homes that can be bought at a discount on the open market.

Improve Council Housing

The number of non-decent council homes has more than doubled under Labour from 422 to 1,095. That's nearly 10% of all Council housing in H&F. We will:

  • Create a proper maintenance programme to ensure repairs are carried out quickly and easily.

  • Installing new lifts to improve accessibility.

  • Upgrading old bathrooms and kitchens so homes are kept to a high modern standard.

  • Expand the CCTV network across our council estates.

  • Improve our green spaces, adding facilities such as open-air gyms and play areas.

Newly released Fire Risk Assessments show that Labour has failed to upgrade the fire safety measures in our Council estates. We will upgrade all doors so they are fire safety compliant, and install sprinklers in tower blocks above five stories.

No to Labour's Council Home Sell-Off

Local Conservative councillors managed to pause Labour's plan to sell all 17,100 Council homes in our borough. This would make H&F the only London borough with no Council housing. We oppose any sell-off of our Council estates. You can only keep control of your home with the Conservatives.


Cleaner Streets

Fly-tipping is up 65% in H&F. Our borough is now the fourth worst performing local authority in the country for fly-tipping. We will:

  • Protect at least weekly bin collection for all streets and continue to oppose Labour's plans to downgrade bin collections. 

  • Remove all fly-tipping within 24 hours of it being reported.

  • Reintroduce weekly inspections of waste contractors to improve street cleaning standards.

  • Reverse the cuts in the number of street bins and work with residents to introduce new bins on their streets.

  • Take stronger action against fly-tippers. Not a single Fixed Penalty fine was paid to the Council for fly-tipping last year.

  • Increase the fine for littering to £150 which Labour have set at just £80, and double the fine for fly-tipping which is set at just £200.

Tackling Air Pollution

We need a new approach to improve air quality. We will:

  • Fund clean air green screens at every H&F school on a main road.

  • Campaign for ultra-low emission buses.

  • Expand the provision of electrical charging points.

More Street Trees

The number of trees planted in the borough has fallen 77% since Labour took control of the Council.

We will plant more street trees to make our streets more attractive and improve air quality.


Better Local Tube Services

Labour have failed to invest in our local tube network, despite the previous Conservative Council securing additional funding for upgrading the tube. We will:

  • Secure more tubes on the District line by upgrading the signalling network.

  • Fight for a Crossrail 2 station at Imperial Wharf, allowing local residents to get to central London

  • Create a Piccadilly line stop at Ravenscourt Park

  • Return a Full Service to Olympia

30 Minutes Free Parking

We will introduce a new H&F Residents' Card if elected in May. It will be free to all residents and give a number of benefits, such as discounts in shops, as well as 30 minutes free parking a day anywhere in the borough.

Rethink the Cycle Superhighway

We are campaigning to change the proposed Cycle Superhighway route. We’ve had hundreds of signatures on our petition calling for a re-think that harnesses the knowledge of residents.

Fight for the Hammersmith Fly-under

This would bring huge benefits for the environment, allow new housing, and make our area a better place to live.

Scrap Labour's Visitor Parking Rip-Off

From 1st May smart visitor permits will be discontinued and all visitor parking will have to be registered via Ringo. This new system isn't needed and doesn't put residents first. If you vote for us we will revert to the previous system.


Fairer Council Tax

Since 2010, Conservatives have cut taxes for over 30 million people, with 4 million people taken out of inc

Scrap Labour's Tax on Renters

Labour introduced a new tax of £540 on rental properties. The cost of this will either be passed on to tenants, or landlords will switch to other rental schemes such as Airbnb which are not covered under the scheme. This will further diminish the housing supply, dilute tenants' rights, and push up rents. We will scrap this unfair tax.