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Petition to Stop Cycle Super-Highway 9 (CS9) and find a better alternative

We call on Hammersmith and Fulham Council to withdraw its support for the CS9 scheme in its current form; to work with the community to identify incremental measures to improve and encourage cycling in the area; to look at other transport improvements that will work for the benefit of everyone in the borough; and to work with TfL to find an alternative Cycle Super-Highway route.

We support measures that will reduce congestion and air pollution in Hammersmith and Fulham.  We also support measures that will ease travelling within and through our area whether this is by foot, bicycle, bus, taxi, or car.

We are concerned that the proposed CS9 does not meet these objectives.  In particular:

  • It is not clear that it will reduce congestion and air pollution.  We are concerned that it will increase congestion and air pollution, and that this will adversely impact the health and wellbeing of local people.
  • It will not ease travelling by foot, bus, taxi, or car.  It will make these journey types slower and more difficult. 
  • Parts of the route are physically dangerous for cyclists and for pedestrians.  For example, the Olympia area is already hugely congested, as are King Street and Chiswick High Road.

We are also concerned about the impact of the scheme on the shops, restaurants and other businesses in high street areas such as King Street.

Transport improvements must benefit all, including the elderly, mothers with children, the disabled, and those who choose to travel on foot and by other means.